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Smartrise is an industry-leading, non-proprietary, state-of-the-art elevator control company that is changing the future of the controller business. We develop and manufacture innovative, simple, reliable, easy-to-install, yet high-tech solutions for modernization and new construction in all market segments. We provide customers with 24/7 technical support and the flexibility to select the installer, maintenance provider, and parts suppliers of their choice.

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Market North America

Products & Services Non-proprietary traction and hydraulic elevator controller systems. We provide remote monitoring, management reporting, and absolute-positioning landing systems. Available factory direct or via national distributors. Low to high-rise systems.

Engineering Contact [email protected]

Marketing Contact [email protected]

Sales Offices Sacramento, CA and Irving, TX


1235 N. Union Bower Rd
Irving, Texas 75061
United States

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Fax: (916) 457-4948

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Mon 5:30 am - 5 pm Tue 5:30 am - 5 pm Wed 5:30 am - 5 pm Thur 5:30 am - 5 pm Fri 5:30 am - 5 pm Sat Closed Sun Closed Above times are Pacific Time zone Tech Support - Available 24/7

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